The Effect of Emotional Marketing on Customers

Emotional Marketing

There is no rule book for marketing, and with an endless scope, the horizons are indefinite.

This opens unlimited possibilities where the most interesting and captivating idea wins the race for maximum brand awareness.

One technique that is leading in this expedition is Emotional Marketing!

Simply, it means to emotionally influence the audience into buying any product. However, that is just the basics of it.

It is an insightful tactic that businesses are using widely and certainly experiencing positive results.

If you are new to this topic then this blog brings you complete details on Emotional marketing. If you are already aware, then let us discover how it is dominating the marketing realm.

Emotions – A Marketing Power

When we think of emotions, our perception is very limited!

We think that being emotional is associated with being vulnerable.

However, every expression in a human being is an emotion ranging from happiness to sadness and anger. If modified properly, it becomes a marketing power.

When any feeling is spiked, you are most likely feeling the emotions.

Let us name the emotions that every individual showcases:

  • Joy
  • Trust
  • Fear
  • Surprise
  • Sadness
  • Disgust
  • Anger
  • Anticipation

Using all or some of these in a marketing strategy constitutes effective emotional branding.

And this brings us to the topic of the effectiveness of Emotional Marketing.

Effectiveness of Emotional Marketing

Any thought that can evoke a sense of connection is a possible marketing strategy for brands.

What people choose to believe in is also highly dependent on their way of living or the background they come from.

Combining both factors, businesses try to create an action plan for influencing and retaining their valuable customers.

‘Connecting an idea with a product that the audience resonates with is the essence of emotional marketing’.

Brands can do all this because humans are emotional beings who always prefer what seems best to them.

For Illustration

A mother will always choose a brand that guarantees no harm to her child. This is because she is driven by fear for the wellness of her child.

Emotional marketing is so successful because when it comes to logic and emotions, people always prefer emotions.

The Strategy Behind Emotional Marketing

Fundamentally, every marketing action plan works on a strategy and the same goes for emotional marketing.

The effectiveness of this strategy is dependent on some vital factors. Together all the elements make perfect emotional advertising to hook the customers with a brand.

Let us explore this and understand how a brand makes a perfect strategy.

Four essential factors that constitute one perfect strategy and they are:

Brand and Customer Relationship

Emotional marketing is all about creating a strong bond between a brand and a customer. 

This is foundational to creating a strong customer base that trusts the brand and continues to be loyal.

The first step is identification of the target audience and then finding an idea that will touch them. After a brand finds an unbeatable plan, the next step is conveying the same to customers.

This is how the chain of emotional marketing works and aims to capture the minds of customers.

Unforgettable Experiences

People remember experiences and if a brand can give them an unforgettable experience, it is successful.

Now every business out there is trying to attract an audience with experiences. However, the viewers are not impressed by all of them as they are very selective about what they like.

Among the wide competition, brands must communicate acceptable and captivating ideas. The ideas must also be emotionally appealing and compel the customers into making the buying decision.

The brand voice must be at par with human emotions and easy to tie up with and this is possible only by creating memorable experiences.

Attachment to the Brand

Customers must feel attached to the brand such that they perceive it as something of their own or made specially for them.

The major task here is to make the audience fall in love with the concept of the product. This is bigger than a need or want, it is something viewers think as a part of them.

The idea or the storyline must evoke the right emotions and create a sense of attachment.

Content is King

Within brands and customers, communication is the key and content plays a vital role in conveying a message.

Content is necessary to pass on a thought with the intensity it is developed. Only then will viewers relate to it and find it interesting and beneficial.

Content is a bridge between brands and customers to build a strong foundation and deliver the message accurately.

Well-Known Emotional Marketing Campaigns

Let's see how different companies have utilized emotional marketing for the promotion of their brand.

Here are some examples: 

“Think Different”

In 1997, Apple came out with a campaign called “Think Different” and it won an Emmy for Best Commercial in 1998.

The slogan became popular among customers, giving them a sense of satisfaction when they added innovation to their status.

From 1997 to 2002, Apple used the slogan to create a personalized relationship with the customers and it happened to be a success.

“Protect Like a Mother”

Lysol came out with their campaign called “Protect Like a Mother”, featuring a mother protecting her children from animals.

Lysol used this to nudge the motherly instinct in their prospective customers (Women) as their marketing strategy.

By empowering mothers, Lysol built a sense of trust in the brand and created a stronger bond.

“This Christmas the Best Gift is You”

In 2020, Coca Cola came out with their advertisement at Christmas time. 

The ad was about how a father travels a long distance to fulfill his daughter's wish and in the end all the daughter wished for was his presence at Christmas.

This ad evoked the feeling of nostalgia among the viewers and showcased the innocence of a father-daughter relationship. As a result, the audience connected with the ad, and the promotional campaign turned out to be a hit.

With this, we have come to the end of this blog!

Emotional marketing is effective, and businesses must experiment with it for greater brand recognition and visibility.

For brands that are looking for creative ways to promote their products/services, emotional marketing can be the next big thing.

Here is a guide for you on how different emotions can help your business:

  • Sadness develops empathy in people and triggers them to make useful contributions. Often NGOs use sad pictures to motivate viewers to make donations.
  • Positive emotions travel faster on social media and help brands to collect abundant shares and likes. Targeting happiness is a good idea for businesses to grow among the audience.
  • The element of surprise can pull viewers like a magnet and if the idea is captivating it can result in unbreakable brand loyalty.

Amidst different types of marketing strategies, emotional marketing happens to be the most successful in terms of gathering a genuine following.

With the above examples, big businesses can use human emotions to reach the heights of brand visibility.

However, it is not limited to the big and powerful, even small businesses use appropriate emotional marketing by giving viewers reasons to create memories.

Brand engagement is about forming effective strategies and executing them in the best possible manner.

If you are searching for productive ways to enhance the bottom line of your brand, then digital marketing is the right starting point.

Incorporating emotional marketing with the digital aspect can be the magic element your business needs.

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