Here are 20 Top Advertising Trends to Watch in 2024

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Here are 20 Top Advertising Trends to Watch in 2024 

Moving into the new year is equivalent to opening ample new opportunities and the same goes for digital marketing. It brings the time to familiarize us with the top advertising trends in 2024.

Digital marketers are always in a contest, ready to hop on the newest trends and grab the attention of as many people as possible. The benefits of being up-to-date are plentiful and the possibilities are enormous.

So, let’s get into the top 20 advertising trends that will make an impact in 2024:

The list starts with 7 important points and the rest are subpoints

  • Video Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • eCommerce Advertising
  • Audio Digital Marketing
  • Content-Centric Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Personalized Advertising

Top 20 Advertising Trends in 2024

Video Advertising

As mobiles are getting handy every day, they are opening a scope for video advertising. This is because people have more access to this format of content, and it influences effortlessly. Its popularity makes it a valuable trend where businesses can reach a wider audience.

1. Short Video Ads

As the attention span of individuals has reduced, short video ads have made their way to the top.


Around one-fourth adults are more likely to skip a video within 10 seconds if they feel uninterested.

This makes bite-sized video ads more preferred and the chances of them being seen by the audience are also higher.

Optimum Length of Video

An Instagram video must be up to 30 seconds, a Twitter video must be up to 45 seconds, and Meta videos should not exceed 1 minute mark.

Short videos are effective and 2023 has seen a positive outcome from the video content. Various studies have also shown that videos contribute to a higher ROI.

2. Shoppable Video Ads

Shoppable ads allow customers to browse and buy products right from the advertisement. As they are well received by customers, it is believed to grow even further in 2024.

The interactive nature of shoppable ads makes them highly effective as they elevate customer engagement.

Many brands have experienced the positive effects of streaming shoppable video ads for their product promotion.


  • Samsung Ads’ survey showcased that 55% of smart TV viewers find shoppable ads engaging
  • Walmart also reported that click-through rates (CTR) on shoppable ads are at least three times higher than from average advertising.

3. Out Stream Video Ads

Outstream advertising basically means the sound of ads on browsing platforms. But how does it make a difference if the ads are sound on or off?


  • According to studies, 66% of people dislike automatic video ads with volume
  • At least 70% of people prefer sound-off video ads
  • 85% of Facebook and 79% of LinkedIn videos are viewed without sound
  • There is a 12% increase in videos using captions

This brings us to the emerging out-stream ads, they have higher click-through rates (CTR) and longer engagement rates. Also, they have more influence on customers by 80%.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is a way to create personalized experiences for customers as it is highly interactive. This is going to shape the future of advertising in 2024 as well. Let's explore some social media advertising trends.

4. Authentic Social Media Ads

As advertising is shaping in this evolving world, we have arrived at a time when customers prioritize authenticity.


A prime example of authentic advertising is Rare Beauty. The advertising is rare beauty and is largely about positive beauty standards, self-acceptance, and mental health. Moreover, Rare Beauty brand collaborations are mostly with relatable creators.

Pairing authenticity with influencer marketing is the answer to positively reaching the audience and promoting your products.

5. Influencer Marketing with Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing is already a preferable way to advertise products to the masses. But the catch here is partnering with micro-influencers to promote your products.


80% of influencer marketers prefer small creators for collaborations. On the other hand, only 16% collaborate with popular creators.

This trend can be significant for businesses as it is cost-effective. However, this trend has evolved as influencer marketing not just about follower count but also about the brand alignment.

The target customers of this trend are GenZs, so if your product resonates with the younger generation then it is the trend for you.

ECommerce Advertising

There are more than 24 billion eCommerce stores worldwide. Even though it is a platform of tough competition for brands, it is also an opportunity. When used properly, eCommerce advertising can prove to be a stand-out trend.

6. Amazon – The Trailblazer

In the genre of eCommerce advertising, Amazon takes center stage by being the customer favorite.


  • More than 75% of e-commerce ad spending belongs to Amazon.
  • 60% of consumers say that their favorite online store is Amazon.
  • In 2023, sponsored products reached 78% of global ad spending on Amazon.

As Amazon stands so high in valuation it is an opportunity for various brands to promote their products. This is because Amazon is a platform for sponsored product ads and includes websites such as Pinterest, BuzzFeed, Hearst Newspapers and Raptive.

As a result, Amazon advertising can be beneficial, and brands must leverage this opportunity as well.

7. Native Ads

The main idea behind native ads is to not disrupt the users while they are browsing and to incorporate ads seamlessly. Now this trend is only gaining momentum at this point, but they can be major in 2024.

This is an effective way of generating profits by promoting the products on a wider scale. Customers are more influenced by native ads than banner ads.

Currently, major brands are making use of native ads to increase brand awareness.

Audio Digital Marketing 

We have entered the booming era of the audio-digital marketing trend. It's an opportunity for businesses to place their ads in audio media and influence a large audience base at once.

8. Audio Advertising

Audio advertising has been in the market ever since the emergence of radios. This trend is still going strong in 2024. The mode of audio has diversified with digital radio shows, podcasts, and music streaming. Brands are not behind as they make the best use of audio advertising to promote their product.

Today, more adults prefer listening to audio over watching video. That is why this seems to be a great opportunity for businesses. Together with the rising popularity of podcasts, the preference for this type of advertising is further increasing expeditiously.

9. Voice Search Optimization

Digital voice assistance is going to boom in 2024 as voice search optimization is in demand. It is a new digital marketing trend 2024 and is going to witness more than 8 billion voice assistants.

It is a great way to increase brand awareness, build trust with the target audience and improve overall experience.

This is a chance for businesses to expand their horizon and make their applications or websites optimized by introducing the voice search feature. Further this can be used for beneficial advertising.

Content-Centric Advertising

Content-centric advertising is meant to form a strong connection with the audience and make the customers stay. Its scope is getting wider with trends such as user-generate and relatable content.

10. User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) can be in any form like images, text, reviews, or testimonials made by customers.

It is like creating value from the perspective of the customers on multiple social media platforms. It seems more authentic, giving consumers insight into what they can get.


More than 60% of customers are influenced by reviews and customer pictures instead of ads, websites or social media posts.

User-generated content gets more clicks and is more likely to influence the purchasing decisions of the customers. This is taking center stage in 2024 and businesses should not miss out on this trend.

11. Relatability in Content

Being relatable is the new trend and can influence large groups. However, what is the meaning of relatability?

The context here is to be funny and in trend. Surveys show that consumers are more attracted to relatable social media content instead of high-quality content.

In 2024, being funny is the most sought-after marketing technique by social media marketers. This can generate more ROI and enhance brand awareness.

Meme marketing is no joke when it comes to widening the customer base and hooking them with the brand.

12. DEI Marketing – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

With time, there has been a significant change in the thoughts of people, and they prefer a more inclusive approach to branding.

Customers today look for diversity, equity, and inclusion. In 2024, businesses must shift their focus to meaningful advertising. As customers are more conscious of their surroundings and basic human needs, brands cannot neglect DEI.

It is time that brands address social issues such as gender roles and rights. There are companies like ThirdLove, Nike, and Bumble that have successfully done DEI marketing.

Mobile Advertising

If anything, that will stay for a long time, then it is mobile devices. Brands recognize this and use them to introduce their products and services to a wider audience. We will understand how mobile advertising trends are influencing the role of digital marketing.

13. Mobile Optimization

Today, every individual is using mobile devices and driving major internet traffic as well. This sounds like an opportunity for advertising by brands.

Leveraging this valuable opportunity demands thoughtful execution by brands to elevate the user experience. This will prompt them to act through the mobile ads.

While promoting mobile devices, brands must focus on influencing the audience with design, and user-friendly access. This is a combined effort of SEO, email marketing, and engaging content.

2024 can be a big hit for brands who will use mobile devices for selling.

14. Mobile Gaming

The in-gaming market is growing globally, and it is expected to increase at a rapid pace. This is going to be big in 2024 as many media houses are in favor of utilizing in-gaming advertising.


Companies such as Red Bull, Intel, Coca Cola, Unilever, and Ford are already benefiting from this trend and advertising through in-game ads.

2020 marked the rise of this trend when mobile game downloads took a pace by 45% and this resulted in an enhanced market share by 2023.

Integrated withing the games, such ads can reach a wider potential audience and influence them to make purchases. Brands can do the same and advertise their products similarly.

Technological Advertising

Technological trends are not behind in terms of advertising as they are bringing a fresh perspective to the digital landscape.

Let's learn about some of the most recent technology trends in advertising.

15. AI for Advertising

The role of AI is experiencing constant growth and advertising is not behind as well. Most brands are incorporating AI tools to streamline their business and advertising is no different.


By 2027, the value of the global AI market will grow up to $407 billion.

Generative AI is widely used for content creation and copywriting. Moreover, the audience is in favor of AI-generated marketing and advertising. Not only this, but 64% of customers are inclined towards buying AI-generated products.

16. Meta for Advertising

Metaverse is revolutionizing the way brands do their business as it was a top trend in 2023. It is only going to grow in 2024 and brands are all set to make the most of it.

Meta is creating a strong foundation for virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and various industries are putting a foot forward in this trend.

For instance, industries such as gaming, retail, arts, healthcare, and blockchain are using Meta for advertising.


According to Statista, Metaverse advertising is expected to reach $2.52 billion by 2030.

Personalized Advertising

Advertising is changing so much that we have reached a point of personalization. Brands are now putting their attention on creating targeted ads that resonate with individuals and they get influenced to make the purchase. We are also moving towards a time when brands are more careful with personalization and care about consumer privacy.

17. A Shift from Cross-Posting

As digital marketing has a wide scope, marketers usually copy-paste the same content for different platforms. However, 2024 is witnessing a shift from this trend and opting to post different content on various platforms.

Modifying the content for every platform can be a good way to engage the target audience on each social media application.

A study of Hubspot highlights that 17% of marketers cross-post across all platforms; 48% make slight changes and then post and 34% start every post from scratch.

18. Disappearing Third –Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are phasing out and the reason behind this is the increasing concern about privacy. As privacy is something that more and more consumers are demanding, brands cannot neglect the needs of customers.

Marketers are searching for different ways to personalize ads for the audience and move ahead of the trend of third-party cookies.

This brings us to our next topic which is signal-based advertising.

19. Signal-Based Advertising

Brands are now using signal-based marketing instead of third-party cookies. Signal-based advertising analyzes consumer behavior and uses personalized messaging to send the targeted ads. This is a better strategy than using third-party cookies as it is more effective.

A good example is Amazon as it is using this advertising technique with its new Amazon DSP feature. It is a self-service that allows marketers to buy intent-driven ads.

It engages consumers with relevant and useful advertising without showing them the same ads on repeat. We can signal-based marketing is a powerful tool for digital marketers.

20. Social Media DM Advertising

DM advertising is quite new in the digital marketing industry but is already widely used to extend quality customer service.

GenZs and millennials find it easy to contact brands through Direct Messaging on social media. Thus, it is a new trend that brands should leverage and improve customer service. This is a vital part of enhancing social media engagement and prioritizing DM features.


Staying up to date with the trends is the strong suit of digital marketing and it can take a business to heights of brand awareness.

Advertising is no joke, when it comes to promotions to a larger audience. The above-mentioned trends can be your key to improving engagement and boosting profitability in 2024. So, incorporate these trends in your marketing strategy and see the difference.

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