Benefits of Having a Social Media Presence for Doctors

Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Having a Social Media Presence for Doctors

Social media used to be a place for just casual interaction and sharing experiences. However, today it is being used as the most used advertising platform by businesses, brands, and even professionals. The healthcare industry is no different as doctors have their own social media handles with huge followings.

Social media has opened new possibilities for doctors to connect with their audience. Doctors do not use social media just as a platform to create engagement but to also spread knowledge and awareness about common diseases.

Social media has emerged as the biggest publisher of medical knowledge. It provides continuous opportunities for learning and teaching among health professionals. Basically, all doctors need a social media presence, and, in this blog, we will understand how you can build your social media presence to connect with your audience.

Leverage Social Media to Boost Appointments

Social media has created a significant shift in the healthcare industry. Doctors are using social media heavily to improve their patient engagement, build trust, and streamline healthcare delivery. It is a very revolutionary step in patient care practiced by lots of doctors. Let's look at some of the ways social media can be helpful for doctors.

Build Trust and Experience

The most fundamental way to create a good presence is to build trust by establishing your expertise in the field. Educational content such as videos on YouTube has become a very interactive way to showcase your expertise.

For example, a dermatologist explaining skincare routines, or an orthopedic explaining deformity of bones and their associated structures creates trust in the hearts of patients. It showcases that you know what you are talking about.

These efforts are not only educational and informative, but they also help in humanizing doctors. The patients have a point from where they can directly get in touch with the doctor.

When it comes to health, proper and accurate knowledge is very important. For this purpose, the knowledge should only be shared by doctors with proper explanation. Apart from creating a presence for the doctor, these types of content help in creating social awareness.

Utilize Targeted Advertising

Influencer marketing for doctors cannot fulfill its purpose without targeted advertising. The digital ad spends for healthcare in the US increased by 11.5% in 2022 with a projection of 10% increase in 2023.

Facebook and Instagram provide powerful options for targeting specific demographics. A pediatrician might target new parents in their locality and a sports medicine expert will show their ad to athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Appointments Made Easy

When doctors integrate social media platforms with appointment booking, they have a wider scope for opportunities. In terms of appointment booking, people majorly focus on phone calls. Providing a contact number with your content is useful for the audience and the doctors. This is also important as patients want to have a personal interaction when it comes to healthcare.

Healthcare patients increasingly demand a seamless omnichannel experience, which means the provider needs to make sure that the patients feel valued at every step of their journey.

Many practitioners provide direct links to booking appointments, which makes it convenient for patients to plan their visits instantly. Healthcare Providers should integrate call tracking and analytics solutions if they want to capitalize on these trends.

These tools can help understand web pages, healthcare advertising campaigns, and keywords driving the most calls. This is a perfect way to optimize marketing spending for the best result.

How to Build a Social Media Strategy for Doctors

Building a social media presence requires deep knowledge and understanding of the platform. It is quite addressable that every doctor does not have time to learn these new trends of social media.

This is why it is advised that you should use digital marketing services from professionals. But more on that later.

A proper understanding of the medical field and the online world is required to craft an effective social media strategy. Let's learn what are the things to keep in mind when creating such a strategy.

Content Creation

To create a successful social media presence for doctors, they must ensure that they create engaging, quality, and relevant content. But what is meant by quality content in healthcare? It is a blend of accuracy, relevance, and engagement with a personal touch.

Correct and evidence-based information is the backbone of healthcare social media marketing. It ensures that the information shared is trustworthy and reliable.

Interacting with Audience

Interacting with your audience helps create a significant impact on their minds. There are various methods such as polls or quizzes asking for the audience's opinion on any common health topics or myths.

This approach helps physicians create an interactive environment for their community on social media while addressing patient’s questions and concerns. It is a great way to showcase their expertise and approachability.

Personal Branding and Authenticity

Personal Branding refers to showcasing the human aspect of the physician. When you start entering the realm of social media as a practitioner, you might feel daunted. However, it is a journey worth embarking on. If you feel a bit unsure about where to start, do not worry as Unify Wizards is ready to help you at every step.

Getting professional help from digital marketing agencies will ensure that your content gets the maximum reach. Unify Wizards is the best digital marketing agency in UK who is proficient in all the elements of digital marketing.

A professional digital marketing agency will help you with SEO marketing, Social Media Marketing, influencer marketing, and all the other aspects of digital marketing that will help grow your reach. It will make your start easier so you can take your first step to increase your social media presence.

Defining the Audience

A very important aspect of digital marketing for doctors is to identify the right patient demographic. To achieve this, one must understand who the patients are and what information they are seeking from the content.

The very first step is to analyze your current patient base and identify common characteristics such as

  • Lifestyle preferences
  • Health Concerns
  • Age and Gender

A major insight into these characteristics assists you in tailoring your social media marketing strategy and aligns with the demographics. If you are a family physician, you might consider focusing on sharing tips about family health and wellness, pediatric care, and common seasonal ailments. These topics are more likely to boost your engagement rather than detailed videos on any specific ailment.

Use the variety of social media for Your Benefit

The variety of social media platforms acts as an advantage for doctors as they get to experiment with their content and see what kind of content is working the best for them. Numerous social media platforms also give a huge reach to your content. The best social media platforms where doctors can grow optimally are

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

If you use the right approach and strategies for your social media, you can earn a huge following. If you are unsure about your social media presence or do not like your online profile, Unify Wizards is your solution.

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